VA reckless driving speeding ticket

Speeding in the state of Virginia isn’t an easy task. You might think you have fooled the cops and the officers and escaped away but once your car number is noted, be ready to receive the ticket at your place with exaggerated charges such as, not stopping at an officer’s call or etcetera. No sane person would like to meet the criminal record and have an unwanted criminal directory under their name which remains for the rest of their being. Speeding in Virginia comes under the reckless driving charges, and it has severe penalties if you forget to care about it. From a single $6 speeding fine to $2,500 or from a couple of days in jail to a whole year long imprisonment is part of the reckless driving penalties. Unlike other states, the court of Virginia does not show any leniency and will charge you according to the code. Even if it is your first offense in your whole life, the court doesn’t take it lightly that your speed might have killed someone or you could have brought a huge amount of loss to someone’s property. The question is if you go over the limited speed, which is 80mph in Virginia, would you get charged with the speeding ticket? Well, yes. There is no other way, you will surely get charged with the reckless driving charge, and if you decide to skip stopping at officer’s call, the charges might exceed. But that depends on if you have done it deliberately. If you didn’t do it deliberately, then you will receive a ticket charge in your name, and the law section will tell you what crime you have committed or what law you have broken. Usually, for speeding, there is “RD (reckless driving)” mentioned or “speeding” which is easy to get.

If you receive a speeding ticket in your name, then what are you supposed to do? Well, first of all, you need to know what criminal charges you have just received so look at the law section first and know about the ticket and the crime. If it is regular speeding you are charged with, you need to decide whether you want to pay or you want to hire a lawyer to dismiss it. But, if you are charged with the reckless driving crime, then you need to think twice about the next step you have to take because it will bring you criminal charges and criminal record. You must consult a lawyer first before taking any decision or before going to the court. A lawyer might guide you in a better way and enlighten you with the law knowledge which you weren’t aware of. Those who have never cared before about reckless driving charge would do anything to get in expunged but sadly, there is no cure to that, and the person has to live with the criminal charge for all of their life.