Maryland Sex Crime Laws & Punishments

What is a Sex Crime?

There is a different amount of sexual activities which fall into the category, but they are all illegal. Anything legal wouldn’t be a sex crime, so that is why it is mentioned in the Maryland code. All of the states in the United States have different laws and penalties for the crime, and the same is the case for the sex crime. All of the states prohibit the sex crimes such as sexual assault or rape. Every crime and its severity has its statute of limitation and sex crimes do not differ from the statutes. Whoever is going to commit any sex crime or if a person files any case against the accused person, they will be registered as a sex offender once they are found guilty. The sex offender tag stays with you for the rest of your life, and there is no tolerance any state’s court show on this matter.

Sex Crime Laws in Maryland

Maryland has strict policies and laws for sex crimes like any other state in the United States of America. There is no way back once you have committed the sex crime and you will have to face the consequences. Once proven guilty, there is going to be a serious penalty or imprisonment for you according to the severity of your case and the crime. Sexual assault and rape are the most common sex crimes in Maryland or other states of the US. If you are convicted with any sexual offense in Maryland, you’ll be treated in the court under Four Categories. It is up to how severe your offense is and in which category you would fall into. If we look into rape cases, there are two different categories named First Degree offense and Second Degree offense. Attempt to rape is also a part of a sex crime and would be registered as sexual assault or attempt to rape; punishments will be made according to the severity of the case.

Sex Crime Punishments in Maryland

There are different punishments in Maryland, depending on the case and the offense severity. The code of Maryland describes every sex crimes into the categories and the degrees. Whether it’s attempted rape, rape or any other sexual offense. All are considered felony crimes in the code of Maryland.  Following is the list of crimes in which the code of Maryland is mentioned and the severity of the crime as per the offense.

  • Attempted rape- first degree
    Maryland state law § 3-309, Felony
  • Attempted rape- second degree
    Maryland state law § 3-310, Felony
  • Attempted sexual offense- first degree
    Maryland state law § 3-311, Felony
  • Attempted sexual offense- second degree
    Maryland state law § 3-312, Felony
  • Rape- first degree
    Maryland state law § 3-303, Felony
  • Rape- second degree
    Maryland state law § 3-304, Felony
  • Sexual Offense- first degree
    Maryland state law § 3-305, Felony
  • Sexual Offense- fourth degree
    Maryland state law § 3-308, Misdemeanor
  • Sexual Offense- second degree
    Maryland state law § 3-306, Felony
  • Sexual Offense- third degree
    Maryland state law § 3-307, Felony